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Sport Analytik

Singapore-Asia Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd, was established in 2019 to conduct SportAnalytik – World’s 1st sport talent assessment from Europe to help children to discover their strengths and nurture their love for sport.

It is designed for children aged 5 to 16 years old using nine simple tests to identify their physical skills and natural talent and recommend them the right sport for them. SportAnalytik operates in more than 23 countries and has tested more than 500,000 children worldwide.

The unique SportAnalytik methodology was developed and is continuously improved in cooperation with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tomas Peric, President of Czech Kinesiology Association, Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport).

Veronika Zemanová – Head of International Relations at Czech Olympic Committee “SportAnalytik partnership brings into the project unique methodology and professional approach which helps to fulfil the main project goal – increase kids activity.” More than 250,000 kids participated in the program in the last 2 years with more than 1,500 schools involved.

SportAnalytik Singapore-Asia Pte Ltd is the partner for SportAnalytik in Singapore and Asia.

Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd

Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and commenced Learn-to-swim classes at Arena Country Club for children which expanded to Admiral Country Club in 2007. In 2010, we secured the Bukit Merah swimming complex and renamed it to Sports Lifestyle Centre where we conduct swimming lessons for children from beginner to pre-competition level.
We provide video analysis for our children in our advance level using SwimPro, the World’s leading Swimming Video Analysis Technology.

We also provide swim lessons for adults and disability swim sessions for children from Club Rainbow.

Our swimming lessons are based on the world-renowned Australian method of coaching. We are an International Swim School Member of Swim Australia. SLI also started a track and field program since 2018 for 7 schools in Singapore. given the surge of demand for Track and Field Development in the community for primary school children.

Urban Steps

Urban Steps is a premier edu-dance company specialising in axiology and the first-ever in Singapore to focus on the life-changing effects of dance.

International Sports Academy (ISA) and International Management and Sports College (IMSC).

The ISA Group consists of 2 companies – International Sports Academy (ISA) and International Management and Sports College (IMSC).

ISA has been a trusted name in sports and fitness training and education in Singapore since 2003. We seek to be the thought leader by bringing together local and international experts with diverse expertise from across the industry, to seek collaborative solutions to Singapore’s and the region’s problems relating to health, fitness and sports. In pursuit of our mission, we offer a full range of professional certifications, and short continuing education courses, each tailored to suit your varied needs and objectives.

IMSC was formed after a rebranding exercise undertaken by ISA. IMSC will continue to serve as Singapore’s and the region’s premier private education institution, in providing a holistic education that equips individuals with the skillsets and competencies required for the future economy. We offer a series of quality academic programmes to cater to varied needs and schedules, in helping our students achieve their goals in lifelong learning.

Greyhound Athletica

Greyhound Athletica is a Singapore – based, premium made to order apparel specialist. Primarily operating in a Business to Business fashion, Greyhound possesses the ability to serve clients on both the boutique and mass production scale. Officially commencing the made to order service in 2019, Greyhound has gained good traction within the industry and has since served notable clientele such as Anglo-Chinese School, Raffles Institution, Raffles JC, Millennia Institute, NUS, MOE, ActiveSG and many more! Transitioning from resistance band sales in late 2018, the company has indeed grown and even kitted Team Singapore at the 2019 edition of the ASEAN School Games, held in Semarang, Indonesia! Greyhound truly takes the customer experience to the next level through great flexibility, quality and unparalleled service standards. Covering a vast majority of sportswear, casualwear and outerwear, Greyhound can surely tailor a solution for you.  Dare to be different, with Greyhound!

MindBender Clinical Psychotheraphy

MINDBENDER works with individuals, families, students and corporate clients to help meet their needs, objectives and targets. Through counselling, coaching, clinical hypnotherapy or motivational workshops, MINDBENDER motivates their clients to instill changes within themselves to achieve greater success. Sometimes it may be as simple as showing them the right way but sometimes it would require some modifications in their thoughts, habits and/or behaviours. Whichever case it might be, MINDBENDER believes that EVERYONE has within ourselves, all the tools and resources that we need for our own psychological well being, to succeed and to be a better person.

Be The Voice Academy

Be The Voice Academy is an award winning Presentation Skills Training Centre that coaches clients in using their voice to enhance their presentation.

Their clients range from multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, professionals to students from the age of 6. Be The Voice Academy mentors them in discovering their voice, and nurtures them in mastering techniques that enable them to convey information and ideas with confidence and conviction.

Be The Voice Academy believes that speaking well is an art that can be learnt. Be The Voice Academy empowers every team and individual they work with in becoming confident presenters who inspire and influence through their presentations.


Sportybots Asia Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Sports Lifestyle Initiatives Pte Ltd, was established in 2012 to conduct Sportybots – Australia’s leading Gross Motor Skills and Multi-sports programme. We are conducting Sportybots weekly for more than 1,200 children in 30 preschools in Singapore.

Nova Nautical

 Nova Nautical – your one stop solution to quality yachting is proud to market highly reputable branded names like Novatec, CrownLine, Misty Harbor and Pioneer Boats.

Arinova Fitness

Arinova Fitness was started as an initiative to provide affordable workouts fast, efficiently, and affordably to the vast majority at their very own convenience. Being in the fitness industry for almost 8 years, our co-founder Luther, hopes to bring together a team of specialized trainers in different specializations (i.e Yoga, Crossfit, MMA) and create an online platform that is able to link up interested fitness enthusiasts to specialized trainers to better cater to their fitness needs. Our app serves as a one stop platform that makes fitness training seamless, complete, and convenient. we provide a one stop seamless personal/ group training service where OUR trainers can use our very own app to value add and to better communicate and to guide the clients even after the session with minimal effort but highest precision (results driven).

Beamo & Co

Beamo & Co was founded by the two passionate young entrepreneurs who aspire to promote healthy lifestyle through innovation. 

With a belief of enhancing the bond between parent-child to build a healthier and happier world, they created “Beamo & Friends” boxes, an educational kit designed for children aged 4-6 years old. Each box comes with five fun and engaging hands-on activities integrated with a well-designed digital experience. They will provide parents and kids with a holistically educational project to work on together as a team whilst instilling healthy habits in kids from a young age. They will help children with different needs and learning abilities achieve holistic wellness. 

If you are a parent who cares about your kids’ holistic development but find it challenging to come up with activities or ideas that are both educational and fun to keep your kid engaged, Beamo & Friends is your friend to help you. Sign up today to receive fun updates and amazing promotions at https://beamofriends.com

AXIS Law Corporation

AXIS LAW CORPORATION for your legal needs.
We have lawyers of more than 25 years experience to look into providing viable, practical and realistic solutions to issues our clients may have.

Major areas of practice are of practice include :-

  • Administrative and Constitutional Law
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law
  • Immigration Matters
  • Vehicle and Industrial Accident
  • Banking, Finance & Securities Law
  • Conveyancing & Property Law
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Building & Construction Law
  • Probate & Administration of Estates
  • Employment Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Company & Commercial Law
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Insurance Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Intellectual Property

Red Sea Cleaning Solutions

Red Sea Cleaning Solutions has a rich history of 22 years providing both professional cleaning services as well as complementing our clients with our eco friendly products. Our clients include centralised kitchens and restaurants, commercial offices, hospitals, clinics and schools. While clients leave the tough grease and dirt to us on periodic basis, they can use our plant base product for general maintenance daily to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Our All Purpose Bio Cleanser is chemically free and is safe to use even for people with highly sensitive skin condition (eczema) . With our Taiyo All Purpose Bio Cleanser being food safe and an excellent degreaser and deodorizer, it is definitely the only disinfecting product you need to have in any premises.


玄空风水 Xuankong Fengshui

Yu Liang, a disciple of HK Fengshui GrandMaster, provides Fengshui solutions without the need for ornaments. He’s well known for simple yet effective Fengshui planning and has improved many of his clients’ health and wealth concurrently in the past decade.


AcceServ Pte. Limited

We are a leading accounting firm providing you with a wide range of professional services custom to your needs or business. 

  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Services

LTM Inspires & Consulting Pte Ltd


We are the source : Super Sales Profiling – “Laser Spot” talents in Financial Insustry – Personal Developments , Coaching & Trainings for achievements & breakthroughs – Corporate Consulting & Branding – All Classes Of General Insurance Provider

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The company exists to help  drastically improve you digitally and physically to get you the best opportunities to create impact in future or current career fields you are passionate in! We attract opportunities to you and help you ace your interviews and career opportunities! 90% of people are unhappy at jobs and it is usually a case of not getting hired at the right jobs or working in areas they do not have a passion in. We seek to solve this problem on a daily basis.

Personal discovery analysis program allows the participants to know if what they are doing now and pursuing for future, will be what they will be motivated to wake up every morning to continue pursuing!

Education Partners

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