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Adults in the following age group (age as at 24 July 2020) can enter this category.

Age 18 – 54

Top 5 (male & female) move to the Finals.

The Challenge


Crosshop Tuladandasana

Tuladandasana, or Balancing Stick Pose, is a simple cardiovascular posture that improves balance. It works the back and shoulder muscles, elevates the heart rate and strengthens the muscles around the heart

This challenge will test Agility, Balance, Coordination and Flexibility, something which is very important for sport performance.


Video Demo

Steps To Follow

  1. Register to participate in the Kindred Spirit Series Virtual Challenge 2020
  2. Use masking tape or paper markers to mark out a cross-shape about 50cm long for each end on the floor. The vertices can be labelled North, South, East, West. 
  3. Start in the centre of the cross. Hop forward to the front of the cross (North) and land on both legs.
  4. Perform a Tuladandasana immediately after landing, with one leg lifted up straight and parallel to the floor.
  5. Athlete’s body is to be bent at a 90 degree angle to the standing leg, to form a “T” shape, with hands either by the side of the body or stretched down towards the floor.
  6. Count to 3 in the “T” position, and then revert the body to an upright position.
  7. Hop back to the centre of the cross.
  8. Hop to the right edge (East) and perform the same Tuladandasana on this spot.
  9. Hop back to the centre, then hop to the back (South). Perform the Tuladandasana on this spot and then hop back to the centre.
  10. Hop to the left edge (West) and perform a Tuladandasana, then hop back to the centre. This represents the completion of one full repetition.
  11. Athlete is to carry out as many repetitions as possible within a 60 second period. This will serve as the basis for judging.
  12. Upload the video of the attempt to TikTok, add the Hashtag #KssVc2020 #kindredspirits #clubzoom #clubzoomSG and submit your entry in the Video Link Submission Form below.

Judging Criteria

  1. Proper form i.e the back leg must be straight parallel to the floor and body to be bent at least 90 deg to the floor when in “T” position.
  2. Number of repetitions within a 60 second period.

Video Link Submission Form

After you have uploaded your video to Instagram social media platform, complete this Video Link Form Submission.


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