Club ZOOM is Singapore’s newest and vibrant track & field club (4 years old), whose mission is not only to produce tomorrow’s national champions but more importantly, to instil good life values through athletics. We consistently promote the ethic that everyone can be a champion in life, regardless of athletic ability.

As the leader of Club ZOOM, I am pleased to announce the results of Singapore Athletic Association’s Annual General Meeting 2015 which was held on 29 June 2015t: Our Club has been voted into the Management Committee for the fiscal year 2015/2016.

I would like to thank all our supporters, the track and field community, the athletes, the coaches, the management team, parents, sponsors and friends for your tremendous support for the Club.

Finally, I wish everyone would enjoy themselves at the grand carnival happening this coming Sept 26th 2015 which will be announced in the coming weeks which carry the motto: “Defy Your Limits” and turn in your new personal records. But even as you do this, I encourage you to reflect on why you are attempting to compete in the first place. What is your motivation for your striving? It is important that you excel in what you do for the right reason, and with your heart in the right place. Remember that, as the theme of this Carnival goes: “It’s not what you do; it’s why you do it!”

Exciting Times ahead!

Tan Wei Leong
Founding President

Club ZOOM’s 12 core values: bearing, character, commitment, discipline, humility, industry, integrity, leadership, loyalty, responsibility, service, sportsmanship

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