I take great pleasure in submitting this report to members of Club ZOOM Track and Field. It covers our Club’s activities for the 2013/2014 financial year.

What a year we have experienced! From the very foundation of our Club – at the Club walk on 8 August, 2011 at Bedok Reservior – I have envisaged that someday Club ZOOM will be “the next juggernaut” in the Singapore track and field scene.

We are only three years old and there’s still much to be achieved towards realizing that vision. But already, I believe we have made a difference in the Singapore track & field arena. Club ZOOM athletes are not just athletes but a special breed of athletes. Faithful to our Club motto “True to the Spirit”, Club ZOOM athletes strive to embody the true of spirit of sportsmanship and are constantly developing leadership traits that might someday be showcased on the national stage. It is important that we think big on the account of being exemplars of these values we dedicate ourselves to – the same values that our club places special emphasis upon and which are embedded in every aspect of our Club’s activities. We practice integrity in all our activities, respect in all relationships, and collegiality between coaches, parents, and members.

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