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“Huat Ah!”: Club ZOOM’s Family Day, 8 Feb 2014

AFTER 22 days of hot, dry weather with nary a drop of rain falling on Singapore, it had to pour on Saturday, Feb 8, which just happened to be Club ZOOM's Family Day. In truth, however, the rain was more a boon than it was a bane. Yes, the outdoor tables and chairs had...

Coach Tan at the IMG Academy, Florida

Coach Tan completed the first part of the 2013 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Academy Diploma (Sprints and Hurdles) course, held in Bradenton, Florida, USA on 4-18 December, 2013. The submission of a report for an 8-month unsupervised...

Motivation talk

Coach Tan was invited on behalf of Club Zoom to give a Motivation talk to Woodlands Ring Primary in November 2012. He stressed on the point of moral vales of a character and sportsmanship during his speech.

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