Singapore Athletics Kids’ Athletics Programme by Club ZOOM

Announcement of the Singapore Athletics-Club Zoom Kids’ Athletics Programme

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Updates


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Singapore Athletics Kids’ Athletics Programme by Club ZOOM [SAA-CZ KA].

The SAA-CZ KA Programme is inspired by the vision of the World Kids’ Athletics Programme offered by World Athletics, the world governing body for track and field. It caters to children aged 4 – 12 years old. The mission of Kids Athletics is to encourage children of primary-school age to practise athletics and inspire children, in this era of internet and video games, to be more physically active.

Aims and benefits of the SAA-CZ KA Programme

 The SAA-CZ KA Programme will offer children engaging opportunities to discover the fun, challenges and sense of achievement in taking part in basic activities such as running, jumping, and throwing. It proposes to achieve this through effective, customer-focused organization and the introduction of innovative activities for the children’s enjoyment and growth.  These activities are designed to be carried out in just about any environment, be it stadium, playground, gymnasium, playing court, etc.

Competition opportunities will be made available to the children. The focus of the programme is to improve physical and mental well-being while instilling the spirit of participation and building a sense of camaraderie amongst the children. The programme is designed to reduce the likelihood of early burnouts and to avoid the overemphasis on winning too early in their sporting journey. We want children to develop a genuine enjoyment and a love for sports which can confer lifelong benefits to them.

In this spirit, the programme will help lay a solid foundation of physical development and instil sporting values from a young age. This would put them in good stead should they find the interest and inclination to pursue higher sporting performance at a later stage.

Head over to Singapore Athletics to sign up for training lessons conducted at Home Athletics (Kallang Practice Track) training centre.




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