About Us

FOUNDED in August 2011, Club ZOOM is Singapore’s newest track and field club, and arguably, the most vibrant.

The Beginning

Club Zoom

From beginner to elite, club athletes train two to five times a week and race regularly in both local and regional races. Club ZOOM believes in identifying and nurturing would-be champions from young, allowing ample time to explore, enjoy, and enhance their athletic abilities at their own pace.

Children as young as five can join weekly fun sessions that expose and engage them in a multitude of progressive athletic challenges. Aspiring athletes may then embark on Club ZOOM’s Long Term Development Programme, which plans and tracks their progress all the way to elite level, where applicable.

Progress is individually tested and benchmarked by Club ZOOM’s sprints, jumps, throws, and middle-distance coaches, whose coaching experience stretches 17 years.

A strength of Club ZOOM’s athlete body is its multi-ethnic, multi-national character. Members hail from Japan, UK, US, Australia, France, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

A distinctly family atmosphere is another Club hallmark. Athletes, coaches, and their families routinely partake of post-training birthday celebrations and group outings to public events.

Club Motto

The Club motto: “True to the Spirit” refers to these universal values, developed through the rigours of training. Club ZOOM’s commitment to these values underscores its conviction that whether or not one becomes a champion athlete, everyone can be a champion in life.

Our Values

While Club ZOOM maintains a strictly secular environment, its “12 Core Values“, comprising good bearing, character, commitment, discipline, humility, industry, integrity, leadership, loyalty, responsibility, service, and sportsmanship, are continually emphasized.

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Club Zoom Core Values

At Club ZOOM, coaches are not just physical trainers to help their athletes realize their performance potential. The Club places primary importance on the development of good values through the vehicle of track and field training and this is viewed on a long term perspective. We believe that an athlete cannot achieve his best performance if he lacks these values. Hence, the 12 Core Values of Club ZOOM are emphasized to athletes at every training session and every competitive meet. Club ZOOM athletes will be defined and distinguished by their embodiment of these qualities. As such, their coaches must themselves be exemplars of these values. This is not to say everyone in the Club is perfect. If everyone is already perfect, there would be no need for the Club! It does mean that coaches and athletes alike do continually strive to acquire these values as much as they exert themselves physically to be at their performance best. As the Club mantra goes: Not everyone can win races, but everyone can have the attitude of a champ. As such, Club ZOOM is the home of not just champion athletes, but also champion coaches who bring their years of experience and dedication to bear on the shaping of each athlete to realize his or her best potential on and off the track.