5th Club Zoom Kindred Spirit Series 2018

Updates 16th August

Important Notes:
  1. Please collect your number bib at least 1 hour before the start of your event. Collection of bib will start from 10am. Do make sure that all athletes collect and wear their number bibs before reporting at the call room. Kindly refer to the attached stadium layout for the location of the number bib collection venue and the call room.
  2. Arena: Only officials on duty, coaches with an access pass and competitors who are actually competing shall be allowed on the track and field of play.
  3. Track events: Competitors shall report to the Call Room Judges 30 minutes before the Start of each event; Spike shoes are not allowed for the 600m run
  4. Field events: High/Long Jumps competitors shall report to the Call Room Judges 45 minutes before the Start of each event; Pole Vault competitors shall report to the Call Room Judges 60 minutes before the Start of each event;
  5. If a competitor is entered in both a track event and a field event, or in more than one field event taking place simultaneously, please inform the judges at the call room as well as the field judges. The field judge may allow the competitor to take his trials in an order different from that decided upon prior to the start of the competition. The competitor cannot demand to take all his trials of the rounds in which he has failed to appear.
  6. The 5th Kindred Spirit is set to redefine her own limits and will go Live on Facebook to bring the events closer to you (especially the field events)! The results will also be posted online with commentators to inform you of the meet’s progress! Bookmark our Facebook link now FB.com/ClubZOOM for an exciting athletic experience come this Saturday, August 18th! #truetothespirit

Competition Schedule (updated 13th Aug)

Bishan Stadium Layout



Updates 6th August

Please check the startlist and if there are any errors, do email us at enquiries.clubzoom@gmail.com before 8th August 12noon.

Collection of number tags: 

We have received close to 1300 entries from 800 athletes from both local and overseas, including teams from Australia (Northern Territory), Hong Kong, Japan, Maldives, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Thailand. Thank you for supporting this event.

We deeply appreciate the support given and the faith placed in Club ZOOM by our sponsors — Ai Track & Field Academy, Hivelocity, SportPsych Consulting, Sports and Wellness Pte. Ltd., Team Young NTUC Wildlife, and UFC Coconut Water (our Official Hydration Sponsor)!

The above championship is scheduled to be held on 18TH AUG 2018 (SAT) at BISHAN ACTIVESG STADIUM, SINGAPORE from 12pm to 9pm.

We are pleased to extend our invitation to affiliates of Singapore Athletics (SA), local and international Sport Associations, Organizations, Clubs, Institution and Schools to participate as they will be able to use this opportunity to gauge the current performance levels of their athlete’s preparation for the 2019 season and the upcoming 30th Sea games in Manila, Philippines 2019.

For further details, kindly refer to the attached entry forms below. The closing date is 31ST JUL 2018.

The meet is sanctioned by Singapore Athletics and electronic timing will be used.


Event Details

Date: 18th August, 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 12pm to 9pm

Venue: Bishan Stadium (7 Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579784, https://goo.gl/maps/eNWS3qobPVp)

Registration Form: Download and complete the 2018 Entry Form  and submit to enquiries.clubzoom@gmail.com

Registration Closing Date: Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 2359hrs

Participating events: Please refer to Appendix A

Competition schedule: Please refer to Appendix B
(Tentative schedule – subject to changes after closing date)

Competition Format: Please refer to  Appendix C  (updated 23 July)

Conditions: 5th Club Zoom Kindred Spirit Series 2018 Conditions

Collection of number tags: 11th August 2018 (3pm – 7pm) at Home of Athletics (Kallang Practice Track) or 18th August 2018 (10am – 12pm at Bishan Stadium

Age eligibility: Minimum age is 5 years old as of 31st Dec 2018 (i.e. those born in 2013 & earlier)

Age eligibility / Categories (as of 31st Dec 2018):

Under 7: 5 & 6 years old (born in 2013 & 2012)
Under 9: 7 & 8 years old (born in 2011 & 2010)
Under 11: 9 & 10 years old (born in 2009 & 2008)
Under 13: 11 & 12 years old (born in 2007 & 2006)
Under 16: 13, 14 & 15 years old (born in 2005, 2004 & 2003)
Under 20: 16, 17, 18 & 19 years old (born in 2002, 2001, 2000 & 1999)
Open:  20 to 34 years old (born between 1999 & 1984)
Masters (35): 35 – 39 years old
Masters (40): 40 – 44 years old
Masters (45): 45 – 49 years old
Masters (50): 50 – 54 years old

Entry Fees :  Under 7 to Under 13 Category – $8 per event, $20 per relay team
Under 16 to Masters Category – $10 per event, $25 per relay team

Payment via: Inter-Bank Transfer / ATM Transfer (for local entries) and by cash (for oversea delegates only)

Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 018
Name of Account Holder: Club Zoom
DBS Current Account: 018-902752-0

kindly provide a screenshot of the receipt upon successful transaction for Inter-Bank Transfer payment when you submit your entry form 

  • Submission of entries can be done by: E-mail: enquiries.clubzoom@gmail.com
  • School and Institution can make payment via E-Invoice, kindly provide the following details:

– Charge code
– Department to bill
– Person in charge

  • Entry form and payment must reach us BEFORE the stipulated closing date
  • All late entries WILL NOT be entertained
  • Strictly NO changing of category and event once final start list is published
  • Club Zoom will send an acknowledgement via email upon receiving of entries. Hence, please ensure that a valid email address is indicated in your entry form
  • Kindly inform Club Zoom immediately if you do not receive any confirmation of your entries within 3 WORKING DAYS of your submission of entries
  • Only the official EXCEL (.XLS) file format entry form will be accepted
  • Improper entry form data will not be accepted, e.g.:
    1. Entry data only allow 1 event per athlete per row
    2. If the athlete is taking 2 events, kindly enter 2 rows of entry data
  • There will be no refund of entry fees for any withdrawal/ no-show/ poor weather condition after the closing date
  • Club Zoom reserves the rights to make final decision on all matters pertaining to the event
  • For more information, please visit http://clubzoom.org.sg/main/zoom-events and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clubzoom


  • Event with less than four (4) entries received at closing date will be cancelled
  • Start list timing is to be used as guide only, athletes and team managers are responsible to check the reporting timing of their event and report to the call room accordingly
  • Collection of number tags will be on 11th August 2018 (3pm – 7pm), Home of Athletics (Kallang Practice Track) or 18th August 2018 (10am – 12pm, Bishan Stadium
  • Athletes are responsible for their own well-being and organisers are not liable to any damages if participants are found to be unwell that day. The organiser reserves the rights to refuse any participants who are deem unwell at the call room or field of play


  • All competitors shall report to the Call Room Judges 30 minutes before the Start of each event;
  • The competitor WILL NOT be allowed to compete if he/she reports to the Starter directly without first reporting to the Call Room Judges;
  • Top 8 in the 100m heats by electronic timing will qualify to the finals.
  • In the event where electronic equipment fails, hand timing will be used to 0.1 decimal place.
  • Top 4 in each category will be awarded with a medal and a certificate of participation with official results (and photo finish image where available).


  • High/Long Jumps competitors shall report to the field judges directly at the field of play 30 minutes before the Start of each event;
  • Pole Vault competitors shall report to the field judges directly at the field of play 60 minutes before the Start of each event;
  • Top 4 in each category will be awarded with a medal and a certificate of participation with official results (and performance image where available).


Past Editions

The little zoomers at SA U13 Track & Field Championships 2018

Congratulation to the 22 little Zoomers for trying their best at the 2nd SA U13 Track & Field Championships 2018 which was held on 26th & 27th January 2018 at Bishan Stadium, organised by Singapore Athletics.

Below are the result summary:

103 Boy 300m U11 
heat 2 #193 Arjun (1:01.1)

104 Girl 300m U11
Heat 3 #174 Verity (56.07) – 4th

105 Boy 300m U12
Heat 6 #1100 Kishore (1:08.34)

107 Boys 300m U13
Heat 2 #185 Yu Kang (54.65)

108 Girl 300m U13
Heat 3 #173 Genevieve (1:07.76)

114 Girls 200 Meter Run U12
Heat 4 #178 Surabhi (45.84)

Event 115 Boys 200 Meter Run U13
Heat 5 #185 Yu Kang (34.34)

Event 116 Girls 200 Meter Run U13
Heat 4 #176 Shaista (35.60)
Heat 5 #173 Genevieve (40.30)

Event 117 Boys 1500 Meter Run U13
Heat 2 #194 Aaron (6:59.81)

Event 206 Boys 600 Meter Run U11
Heat 1 #186 Ignatius (2:43.87)

Event 207 Girls 600 Meter Run U11
Heat 1 #174 Verity (2:15.54) – 4th
Heat 2 #172 Hanna (2:15.12) – 3rd

Event 211 Boys 600 Meter Run U13
Heat 2 #194 Aaron (2:09.42)
Heat 4 #189 Dillon (2:03.25)

Event 212 Boys Shot Put U10
#183 Alex (2.95m) – 4th

Event 214 Boys Long Jump U11
#193 Arjun (2.37m)

Event 219 Boys 50 Meter Dash U7
Heat 1 #183 Alex (10.93) – 1st
Heat 1 #181 Cholan (11.50) -4th
Heat 2 #197 Zachary (13.33)

Event 222 Girls 50 Meter Dash U7
Heat 1 #179 Chantel (11.76)

Event 223 Boys 50 Meter Dash U8
Heat 1 #188 Darius (9.65)
Heat 2 #195 Siddharth (11.72)

Event 225 Boys 80 Meter Dash U9
Heat 2 #184 Magnus (15.38)
Heat 4 #196 Matthias (16.80)

Event 232 Girls Long Jump U13
#176 Shaista (2.65m)
#173 Genevieve (2.08m)

Event 233 Boys Long Jump U13
#189 Dillon (3.36m)

Event 237 Boys 100 Meter Dash U11
Hear 6 #193 Arjun (16.64)

Event 240 Girls 100 Meter Dash U11
Heat 5 #172 Hanna (17.24)
Heat 7 #175 Aleesa (17.47)

Event 244 Boys 100 Meter Dash U13
Heat 1 #187 Ahmad (15.01)
Heat 2 #189 Dillon (14.70)

Event 246 Girls 100 Meter Dash U13
Heat 2 #176 Shaista (16.88)



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